The third stage of Innovatour in Arese (MI)

Road safety was the central theme of the final stage of Innovatour, the road show created by Associazione Città dei Motori to enhance Italian motor heritage, within the Rete Nazionale Città dei Motori project, co-funded by Mibact, which took place in Arese (MI) on Saturday 16th of September and where - as in the two previous stages of Monza and Mandello del Lario - the new information tools were officially presented to enhance the cultural, industrial and historical heritage of the 26 municipalities of the Associazione Città dei Motori.

Data on road accidents disclosed by the State Police and Carabinieri at the conference "Road Safety, Mirage or Concrete Perspective?"

According to the Road Police and Carabinieri’s joint data regarding the period from January to August 2017, presented during the conference Sicurezza stradale, miraggio o prospettiva concreta? (Road safety, mirage or concrete perspective?), there were 48,881 road accidents in total (-3.4%), 29,821 of which happened in ordinary traffic (-7.0%) and 19,060 in the motorway network (+ 2.8%). Therefore, the death rate is still higher on ordinary roads, although this year the number of deaths caused by accidents on motorways have slightly increased.


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The data was reported by Prefect Roberto Sgalla, Executive Director of the Special Departments of the State Police, who considers that "joint commitment to spread the culture of correct driving behaviors is fundamental, because prevention also means understanding of the risk of irresponsible behavior. There is still a lot to do to reach the most ambitious goal, which is to save as many human lives as possible, especially now, when drivers want to be "connected" even when they are driving. Incorrect behaviors caused by distraction are unfortunately under our eyes every day and require the adoption of a rigorous policy on driver control and incisive awareness-raising actions aimed at understanding how important it is to adopt responsible driving practices for their own and others' safety on the streets".

The meeting was opened with the greetings of the Mayor of Arese, Michela Palestra, who reiterated "the pleasure of hosting this event that highlights the delicate and current topic of road safety and that - besides the conference - offers dedicated activities even for children and young people, because the respect for the rules, even the road ones, is learned from the very beginning".

The Mayor stressed the importance of the presence of the Road Police "which celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation this year and it is present with the Blue Coach, a multimedia educational classroom to teach children and adults the security rules, alongside a non-profit association that, among other things, deals with awareness-raising on road safety and promotes road accident prevention activities".

Multimedia classroom inside the State Police Blue Coach

During the meeting led by Daniele Rotondo, TG2 journalist, Roberta Tellini, Councilor for Security of the City of Arese said that "Road safety should be a constant commitment for institutions and associations. Prevention is better than cure". Tellini has also underlined the most exciting moments of Innovatour in Arese, which were focused on motorcycle and car driving education". For example, the demonstrations by the athletes of Lorenzo Motorbike School and, due to the success of the previous editions, also the free driving tests with the safe driving instructors of the Centre for safe driving, as well as the parade of motorbike on the track with the Vespas of Pontedera and the Guzzis of Mandello del Lario taking place this year on the circuit that used to host the Alfa Romeos”.

Luigi Altamura, Delegate of Viabilità Italia ANCI, speaking about urban accidents, expressed the need to make our roads safer. "Local police are carrying out an accurate task monitoring the so-called black points to protect vulnerable users, cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists - the categories that get more frequently involved in accidents. Compliance with rules and legality is at the core of ANCI's activity, especially following the introduction of the law on road murder and the request to change the driving license system with points, which doesn’t seem to be a deterrent for the accidents anymore. It is also important to underline the commitment of the municipalities in educating people about road safety, as proved by the involvement of over 3,200 schools in the educational projects promoted by ANCI".

President Ivan Bidorini spoke on behalf of the Lombardy Regional Committee of the Italian Motorcycle Federation. "The promotion of motor sport must be accompanied by proper road education," said Bidorini, explaining the FMI road safety programs with Giovanna Guiso, author of the handbook “La famiglia in moto. Come trasportare i bambini in moto in sicurezza”, who also explained its content. The handbook “was born from the observation in our cities of the widespread habit of using scooters and motorcycles to take our children around more easily in traffic jams. In most cases, however, children do not wear a helmet of the right size and protective clothing. These children are exposed to considerable risks. Parents and children should be taught the rules to be followed. But if adults, who should already know these rules, do not respect them by being superficial and unaware of the risks, then we need to spread the road safety culture through the school, so that children can stimulate parents' sense of responsibility".


Road education activities. The State Police Blue Coach

Road education activities of the Blue Coach were presented by Annalisa Valleriani, chief for the security of Mille Miglia Traffic Police.


Città dei Motori: their digital innovations

"It is vital to team up and work more and more for security," according to Danilo Moriero, Secretary General of Città dei Motori, who has illustrated the digital innovations associated with motoring tourism, such as the Motor Web Museum, which allows virtual visits to major Italian motoring sites and the Motor City App to discover tourist information and explore motorcycle excellence through Increased Reality.

The digital innovations of Città dei Motori were presented to the public inside a truck set up at the Centro Guida Sicura ACI in Arese.


Presentation video of the Motor Web Museum


Presentation video of the new App for the Increased Reality

The meeting in Arese was closed by the Massimiliano Morini, President of Città dei Motori and Mayor of Maranello, who reminded how safety has always been at the core of Città dei Motori, an association that promotes Italian motoring heritage, but also and above all fosters dialogue on a safer mobility, especially aimed at protecting the users most at risk. "As Città dei Motori," said Morini, "in the last few years we have developed several projects for these categories, such as the road safety education campaign through comic strips for schools, which fostered the dialog among different local and national realities which deal with mobility. We have seen the awareness-raising initiatives and road education activities of the Road Police even during all stages of this road show. I believe it is necessary to think about what the police and local authorities - as well as those who, just like us, deal with this issue - can do to promote safe and correct driving behaviors."

After Monza on the 2nd of September, Mandello del Lario (LC) on the 9th of September and the third stage of Innovatour in Arese, Morini is already thinking about the 2018 edition. "Key words for next year will be technology and security tools. In the next few months, the collaborative work between municipalities and institutions will be crucial, renewing their commitment to road safety".

The final stage of Innovatour in Arese culminated with the visit to the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo where the temporary exhibition "I maestri dello stile 2" constitutes the second chapter of a story that sees Alfa Romeo as the protagonist of aesthetic, aerodynamic and technical research, thanks to the pencil of the best Italian car body designers.


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