The conference "Security of Tourism in the Age of Technologies"

On September the 9th, Mandello del Lario, in the province of Lecco, within the frame of the Motoraduno Internazionale Città della Moto Guzzi, hosted the second stage of Innovatour, the road show created by Associazione Città dei Motori under the auspices of ANCI, and co-financed by MiBACT. The main topic of the second meeting was the "Security of Tourism in the Age of Technologies", which is the title of the conference opened by Riccardo Fasoli, the Mayor of Mandello, who wanted to focus the attention on digital tools to relaunch the territory, starting from the Moto Guzzi Museum, the heart of the historic factory where the myth of the Aquila was born.

The most significant data on identity thefts and online scams at the expense of those who use the network also for purchases, travels and hotel reservations have been illustrated by Salvatore La Barbera, the Communications Police Executive for Lombardy Region.

"Countrywide activities in the first seven months of 2017 have produced over 33,000 web monitors, including 8,000 dealing with phishing, identity theft, malware, e-commerce and online scams, which led to reporting to the police authority about 2,370 individuals, 33 of whom were detained. To monitor and repress the online crimes it is important the monitoring that the State Police is carrying out with increasing attention through the Communications Police specialists. One of the goals is to detect suspicious activities and develop fraud prevention and repression actions.

La Barbera also underlined the importance of the OF2CEN project, which has been active for more than a two-year period and with a result index higher than 90%, which carries out the collaboration between the police and the banking system, to put into a black list the IBANs collectors of illegal proceeds coming from online frauds at the expense of companies and individuals. Tourist places where security is at risk are mainly railway stations, where 3.5 million people travel every day, and the trains that carry 1.5 million passengers per day in Italy. Barbara Caccia, Deputy Police Commissioner of the Railroad Police, stressed that "in recent years increasing passengers’ safety expectations have been met with enhanced prevention activity, increased police officers’ specialization and the adoption of new computer technologies".


State Police data

State Police activities included, among others, 134 thousand surveillance services at the stations, 30 thousand train patrol services, 730,000 controlled persons, 900 arrested, 6,500 investigated. The result was a substantial drop in rail offenses, in particular a decrease of the -27% in theft, -37% robbery, -9% damage to trains, -5% aggressions to passenger and to train staff members.

On the security of online transactions for tourism, Cristiano Radaelli, spokesman for digital department in the Gruppo Tecnico Europa di Confindustria, reported that the overall economic value generated by the tourist industry, equal to 12% of GDP, "requires priority attention at all levels of society," including communications network operators: "Italy is the fourth in the world for the number of victims of computer attacks, and given the ever-increasing demand for tourists to access social and files from resorts, it is necessary that the communications managers, in particular wi-fi communications, implement the most up-to-date tools to reduce computer risks and increase user security. "

Among the speakers at the conference, Edo Colombo, an expert on innovative tourism technologies, analyzed the data presented and the features of Turismo 4.0 because "it's important to understand how to use digital tools to talk and guide tourists in real time, but it is it is also essential to protect their personal information and the online presence of local authorities and hotel providers in terms of security against hackers. The use of smartphones is increasingly widespread among travelers, over 40% of reservations are already made via mobile and georeferencing enables new, increasingly pervasive targeted services. Access to the network is therefore constant, and people who travel generate a lot of interesting data for those who have illicit goals. Even small and medium-sized enterprises, which hold very sensitive personal information, are targeted by hackers, identity theft activities and payment tools. IOT automation, for example in connected elevators or room access keys and facility management, as well as beacon and home automation and video surveillance, have additional weaknesses. Connected car electronics also are scenarios for possible malicious actions, while self-drive car debate will also reveal morally critical issues about the direction that the vehicle will take in the event of a possible accident."

According to Fabio Dadati, director of Federalberghi Lecco, "tourism data in Lombardy is positive, but it needs a tourism agency that will enable competition between the territories and promote them in the best possible way (in particular to support the Lake Como brand) otherwise we’ll stay behind and some beautiful but little known or unknown places are likely to stay out of the tourist circuits."

At the meeting participated also Antonio Rossi, Olympic champion and Councilor for Sports and Youth Policies of the Lombardy Region.

The Secretary for the Città dei Motori, Danilo Moriero, reiterated the role of computing technology to promote tourism in the Città dei Motori, recalling applications built by Città dei Motori and downloadable for free on smartphones and tablets: the “Città dei Motori” App provides online information on the tourist offer of the territories linked to the Made in Italy motoring; the 'Motorwebmuseum.it', the first virtual museum dedicated to Italian motor heritage with an online gallery of accessible digital content; finally, applications based on 'Increased Reality' allow you to live virtually but first and foremost a race on a F1 track or enter the Guzzi factory and museum and other famous brands that are part of industrial excellence and Italian sports.



Città dei Motori: their digital applications

The digital applications of Città dei Motori have been at the center of a visual demonstration inside the truck that was stationed throughout the day at the Moto Guzzi parking lot at Mandello del Lario.


The State Police Blue Coach

Also the Road Police - partner of Innovatour - was at the Mandello del Lario's appointment with their Pullman Azzurro, set up as a traveling multimedia classroom dedicated to road safety.


The next stage of Innovatour

The latest stage of Innovatour will be on September 16th at Arese, the historic headquarters of Alfa Romeo, where the track of the former Biscione car testing track today hosts one of the main roads in Italy dedicated to road education, which will be the theme of the day.


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