Monza, Mandello del Lario e Arese: the three stages of Innovatour 2017

Città dei Motori dedicated to innovation, road safety, motor sports and tourism, developed within the project “Rete nazionale città dei motori”, co-funded by Mibact . Partner of Innovatour is Polizia Stradale, which celebrates its 70th anniversary of the foundation this year. It will be present at every stage of the tour with its Pullman Azzurro, an itinerant multimedia educational school classroom to teach to children and adults the rules about security. Furthermore historical and modern transportations will be at your disposal.


First stage - September,2 - Monza

Throughout one of the most important occurrence of the world calendar such as Gran Premio d’Italia di F1, Città dei Motori will launch in Monza the first stage of Innovatour. Two are the most important events: the talk show “Promuovere lo sport motoristico, promuovere i territori”, where representatives of different institutions and of sports and tourism world will compare themselves on the opportunities related to the promotion of the local excellence offered by two and four wheel motor cars. Furthermore, Città dei Motori’s truck will be located on the main square for the whole day. Hence it will be possible to test the network innovative promotion tools developed within the Project: the Motor Web Museum that enable a virtual tour through the main motor Italian websites, the tourism information app and the exploration of some motorcycle excellences through augmented reality.

Second stage – September, 9 – Mandello del Lario

In Mandello del Lario (LC) during the international Motoraduno Città della Moto Guzzi (September 8,9,10) the issue “Sicurezza del turismo nell’era delle tecnologie” will be discussed. Among leaders, some representatives of institutions linked to the protection of online security, innovative start-ups, associations of tourism and hospitality world.

Third stage – September, 16 - Arese

With the third stage in Arese (MI) Innovatour will close its 2017 edition. The core leitmotiv of the event will be the ever-present and delicate theme related to road safety. It will take place in the municipality of one of the most famous brand of Made in Italy motorcycle such as Alfa Romeo and of the trail of the former test track Alfa, that today hosts of one of the main Italian system for the road education, managed by Aci Vallelunga.


In September the lauch of the App Città dei Motori

During the first stage of Innovatour 2017 in Monza the lauch of the App Città dei Motori– downloadable free of charge and available online – where the databases of all the 26 municipalities will converge aiming at widening the audience of potential users of the turistic offer of Città dei Motori thanks to a mobile app gathering all the information useful for visitors, to answer in real time to requests of individual tourists or group on: timetable, tickets, distances, path ways, services, offers, availability, curiosity e any further of useful information coming from città della Rete.

The App functionalities will be available also at the infopoint of some of the main Città dei Motori, where it will be possible to read news on electronic devices that will allow to build custom paths and to point out the most relevant information for the trip. Through the app and the geolocation with its own smartphone, tablet or pc, the tourist could benefit at 100% of the territory he decided to visit and he/she could also be able to watch videos or contents coming from the other network’s centres to more easily plan the next stages around the others Città dei Motori


Progetto Motori Aumentati

The use of the most advanced information technologies is another tool designed to meet the most demanding tourists about information technology, people who are satisfied by using the sophisticated so-called interactive applications such augmented reality. They act as catalysts and also attract further traditional users categories from the tourism sector. Progetto Motori Aumentati has been developed at the same time of the app Città dei Motori. Through the use of the smartphone it will be possible to see again the characters who contributed in building the myth of speed, one of the most universal myth of the XX’s which is branded Made in Italy as the same as nature, culture, gastronomy, art and the most admired and beautiful monuments all over the world.

The App and the Progetto Motori Aumentati of Città dei Motori association will increase the value of an integrated and innovative tourism product whose focal point is to provide tourists and enthusiasts with information and useful materials to visit, stay and plan a tour around Città dei Motori network, adding new instruments and competencies to the already existing Ufficio Informazione e Accoglienza Turistica Terra dei Motori, that ATP of Emilia Romagna arranged in Maranello, venue of the Ferrari and even ideal capital of the national motor industry. The main objective is to reach the three hundred and fifty thousands of tourists who visit the Museo Ferrari in Maranello with the chance to increase their number adding to them the potential visitors coming from Arese, Mugello, Termoli, Pontedera and from dozens of other places that include memories of characters related to still famous companies, or from places where there are still active systems that include relevant models and elements for the mobility industry, for cars, motorcycles and aircraft.


On www.cittamotori.it you can find all the updates on events, the events and the initiatives of the Italian municipalities which have on their territories a motorcycle vocation, with regards to the production (automotive, motorcycle and scooter, aerospace, naval shipbuilding), sports (circuits and historical reminiscences) or culture (museums, collections, archives).