Innovatour launch, the Road Show 2017 of Città dei Motori on Innovation, Road Safety, Motor Sports and Tourism - First Stage in Monza on September, 2

On September 2, Monza Innovatour, the City of Motor Engines Road Show 2017, dedicated to innovation, road safety, motor sports and tourism, will be launched as part of the progetto Rete Nazionale Città dei Motori co-funded by Mibact. After a first stage in Monza, Innovatour will move toward other two municipalities,core of the italian motorcycle heritage: Maranello sul Lario (Saturday, 9th of Semptember) and Arese (Saturday, 16th of Semptember). Over the landscape of one of the most important occurrence of the world calendar such as Gran Premio d’Italia di F1, Città dei Motori will introduce in Monza two significant events: first of all, the talk show “Promuovere lo sport motoristico, promuovere i territori”, where representatives of different institutions and of sports and tourism world will compare themselves on the opportunities related to the promotion of the local excellence offered by two and four wheel motor cars. During a second date, Città dei Motori will show for the whole day on the main square its branded truck in which it will be possible to test the network innovative promotion tools developed within the Project: the Motor Web Museum (virtual tour through the main motor Italian websites), the tourism information app, the exploration of some motorcycle excellence through the realtà aumentata.

The next stage – as above mentioned – is foreseen for Saturday, 9th of September in Mandello del Lario where, within the frame of the international Motoraduno Città della Moto Guzzi (September 8,9 and 10), the issue “Sicurezza del turismo nell’era delle tecnologie” will be discussed; among the leaders, some representatives of institutions linked to the protection of online security, innovative start-ups, associations of tourism and hospitality world. Saturday, 16th of September Innovatour will close the 2017 edition in Arese, location of one of the most famous brand of Made in Italy motorcycle such as Alfa Romeo. Today the Alfa former test track hosts one of the main Italian system for the road education, managed by Aci Vallelunga. In Arese the ever-present and delicate theme related to road safety will be also discussed. Partner of Innovatour is Polizia Stradale, which celebrates its 70th anniversary of the foundation this year. It will be present at every stage of the tour with its Pullman Azzurro, an itinerant multimedia educational school classroom to teach to children and adults the rules about security. Furthermore historical and modern transportations will be at your disposal.


Maranello: the first two out of five webinar for five actions enhancing thematic touristic itineraries are now online

Already available the first two out of five webinar network seminar dedicated to tourism development of territories promoted by Comune di Maranello, within the framework of progetto Rete Nazionale Città dei Motori, in thight collaboration with the Cerform Training Institute and the Network of Professional Gruppo LEN.

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“Suggestion for organising touristic itineraries"

Consigli su come preparare itinerari Turistici
Come coinvolgere i travel bloggers nei propri itinerari turistici

The five interactive webinar on Internet address the professionals of the twenty-six Italian municipalities that are part of the network of Città dei Motori and that are interested in the tourism development of territories. They will have the opportunity to interact with the speaker and ask questions by simply connecting to a virtual hall to follow live seminars.


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Modena: in September the fifth edition of the Motor Gallery

The first anticipation on the Modena Motor Gallery, scheduled for the 23rd and 24th of September are ready. The fifth edition of the event, in addition to reaffirm the strong link with the city and with a territory of great passion for motors, thanks to the presence of Museo Ferrari di Maranello, Museo Enzo Ferrari di Modena, and of the private collections of Righini, Stanguellini and Panini, will be enriched with unique events starting from the exhibition of “Le Ferrari di Sergio Scaglietti, Maestro Carrozzaio” where the most beautiful and exclusive Ferrari Scaglietti will be exhibited: from an original plate 250 GTO of 1962 to the most uncommon 340 MM 1953 #0294 produced in only two samples.

Between other appointments we can find “Barn Finds my love – Rottami d’amore” the auction of cartoons, chassis, segment of famous cars and motorbikes. Among the participating lots an original Ferrari 250 GTE chassis modified and a 250 GTE body series from the 1960s. The Circolo della Biella Autostoriche will celebrate its 30th year of refoundation, with a selection of the most representative cars that throughout its history counted amongst its members Enzo Ferrari and Juan ManuelFangio.

Modena Motor Gallery will design an area for the “two wheels” with an exhibition dedicated to Lambretta and, for the first time, to English motorbikes. Enthusiasts and visitors will have the chance to attend - also this year - the live craftsmen’s performances which will show how to beat and shape a plate during a real time.

For further information www.motorgallery.it


On www.cittamotori.it you can find all the updates on events, the events and the initiatives of the Italian municipalities which have on their territories a motorcycle vocation, with regards to the production (automotive, motorcycle and scooter, aerospace, naval shipbuilding), sports (circuits and historical reminiscences) or culture (museums, collections, archives).