Rete Nazionale Città dei Motori on the social networks

Images, videos and curiosities, to spread in an immediate and efficient way the motorcycle culture and tourism. Città dei Motori launches on the social networks the "Rete Nazionale Città dei Motori" project, to explore the traditions and design of the places with a strong value related to motors, to avoid missing the innovations on the engines, often developed in collaboration with important motor centers, to enhance traditions and the history of the car and make them become the driving force for the technologies of the future.


Città dei Motori, five webinars dedicated to the tourism promotion of the territories

A series of five webinars dedicated to the tourism promotion of the territories and designed for the 26 municipalities of the national network began on Wednesday, the 12th of July. This is what the city of Maranello proposes in the coming weeks as part of the Rete Nazionale Città dei Motori project, in collaboration with the Cerform training institute and the network of professionals of Gruppo LEN.

These are five webinars (interactive online seminars) addressed to operators of the twenty-six Italian municipalities that are part of the Città dei Motori network and who are interested in the tourism promotion of the territory. The participation is also open to people who have attended the Benvenuto Turista courses organized for the operators of Maranello, Fiorano, Formigine and Sassuolo in the last few months. In essence, during the webinars people will be able to connect to a virtual classroom to follow the live seminars, with the possibility to interact with the speaker and ask questions. Each meeting will also be recorded and will be available for online consultation after about a week.

The first one was held on Wednesday, the 12th of July, while the others will take place by the end of the month. The seminars will focus on actions to enhance the thematic tourism itineraries. Among the topics addressed there are: territorial marketing, design and creation of a tour itinerary, the involvement of travel bloggers, widespread digital museums, holiday farms, territorial storytelling.

The project "Rete Nazionale Città dei Motori", co-funded by the Decree of 31/12/2010 of the Minister of Tourism, brings together highly representative institutions from the national motoring world: 26 municipalities, 2 provinces, 2 associations and 3 museums. It is a new opportunity, in line with the latest trends in tourism, in order to offer a complete and rewarding experience for a wide audience of motor culture enthusiasts in our country. The project aims, indeed, at enhancing Italy as a cradle of absolute excellence in this sector, well-known around the world in terms of technology, design and people who have contributed to the technical and aesthetic development of one of the twentieth century revolutions such as car, motorcycle and, more generally, powered vehicles production.

Some of the ongoing or under development actions of the project are the Motor Web Museum (the innovative portal dedicated to Italian motor excellence), an app that will provide information on the municipalities in the network and an augmented reality project that will allow visitors to use smartphones and tablets, to enter a true story - made of images - of the tradition and of the motorcycle attractions.


Motor web museum: discover the circuits of the Città dei Motori

The history of Italian circuits is the one of technological innovations in the field of motorcycles and the search for greater safety for pilots on two and four wheels. What never changes is the thrill of speed that these places instill. For riders, technicians and enthusiasts, each track has its own soul, presents challenges, and is a chest of stories that become myths. The Motor Web Museum gives you the opportunity to enter the places where speed is at home.

Monza - https://www.motorwebmuseum.it/luoghi/monza/

Fiorano Modenese - https://www.motorwebmuseum.it/luoghi/fiorano-modenese/

Scarperia - Mugello Circuits - https://www.motorwebmuseum.it/luoghi/scarperia/

Modena - https://www.motorwebmuseum.it/luoghi/modena/

Ospedaletti - https://www.motorwebmuseum.it/luoghi/ospedaletti/


News from the Network Città dei Motori


In Varano de 'Melegari (PR) Formula Sae Italy & Formula Electric Italy

Eighty-one teams representing over 70 universities for a total of 2,600 students from all over the world. They will be the protagonists of the Italian stop-over of the Formula Sae Italy & Formula Electric Italy, that reached its thirteenth edition, which will take place on the circuit of Varano de 'Melegari (Parma) from Wednesday the 19th to Sunday the 23rd of July.

Formula Ata is open to the participation of engineering students who are involved in the design and construction of a single-seater prototype racing car designed for hypothetical production, following specific technical and economic restrictions, as if it were actually commissioned by a company of the automotive sector for a final user.

The event, supported by Dallara and Gruppo FCA (present with the Abarth brand), is a challenge with eight trials to be overcome. The jury will first evaluate the theoretical part: presentation of the dedicated business plan, cost analysis and explanation of the design used. Subsequently, the cars will face the challenge on the track by testing acceleration, autocross, skid pad, fuel consumption and durability. It is not just a competition between tomorrow's engineers but above all an opportunity to connect the world of work and some young talents, eager to make themselves known.


In Pontedera, the first edition of the Premio di Arte Contemporanea MotorArt

Pontedera launches the “Premio di Arte Contemporanea MotorArt” (MotorArt Contemporary Art Award) organized by the Cultural Association "Industria della idee" in collaboration with CREDO "Ugo del Rosso" of Pontedera and with the patronage of the City of Pontedera, opened to Italian artists invited to present paintings, sculptures and street art inspired by the motorist history of the city, even better if realized using actual motorcycle or car body parts, Vespa in the first place. "In the Pontedera, Città dei Motori definition is enclosed all that inspired the first edition of an artistic contest that wants to highlight its history, people and products that have shaped the motor identity of our city - explains Eugenio Leone, Councilor delegated to the City of Pontedera - and it would be very interesting if in the coming years we managed to make the contest grow by involving other cities in the Città dei Motori network". The 30 selected works of art will be exhibited at Villa Crastan during the Settimana dei Motori e dell’Innovazione (Motors and Innovation Week) in conjunction with the 90th anniversary of the Moto Club Pontedera, and later in the Lotti Hospital, where they will be auctioned with the support of the Azienda USL 5 of Pisa-Pontedera. The works must be delivered by August the 6th, 2017.

Guidelines: www.motorart.it

Info: motorartpontedera@gmail.com


On www.cittamotori.it you can find all the updates on events, the events and the initiatives of the Italian municipalities which have on their territories a motorcycle vocation, with regards to the production (automotive, motorcycle and scooter, aerospace, naval shipbuilding), sports (circuits and historical reminiscences) or culture (museums, collections, archives).

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