Progetto Rete nazionale Città dei Motori (Motor Cities: A National Networking Project)

Everyone’s cooperation, opportunities for everyone. Objective: presenting and enhancing places, events, people, industrial excellence of Municipalities, Provinces, Institutions, Associations representing the history and the motor culture of our country. Above all, it is an extraordinary opportunity to offer a project multiplier and innovative tourism promotion services to all those who are part of it.

Progetto Rete nazionale Città dei Motori is the first of the 18 projects on the national territory funded by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, as per the Ministerial Decree of 13/12/2010 on "Projects for the strengthening and support of the realization and spread of innovative services in favor of tourism users. " The project network consists of 26 Municipalities (Arese, Ascoli Piceno, Atessa, Castel D’Ario, Castelfranco Emilia, Cento, Fiorano Modenese, Mandello del Lario, Maranello, Modena, Monza, Nicolosi, Noale, Ospedaletti, Paglieta, Pontedera, Pratola Serra, Samarate, San Martino in Rio, Sant’Agata Bolognese, Scarperia, Termoli, Torino, Varano de Melegari, Varese, Verrone), 2 Provinces (Modena and Pisa), 2 Associations (Città dei Motori, Tecla) and 3 museums (Ferrari Museum of Maranello, Fondazione Museo Piaggio Onlus and Fondazione Museo dell’Aeronautica – Volandia).


The Steering Committee

This is the governance tool and the strategic mind of the project. Led by the Mayor of the Municipality of Maranello, the Steering Committee consists of the Secretary General and the members of the Directorate of Città dei Motori, as well as by the Honorary President, a representative for each Province and a Tecla representative. The members of the Committee meet on a regular basis, as well as depending on extraordinary requirements. They have the task of producing - through the support and activity of the Technical Coordinator - specific implementation guidelines for the benefit of the various geographic realities involved: it is a place of reflection and synthesis of the instances of all the participants.


• Massimiliano Morini – Maranello

• Antonio AufieroPratola Serra

• Carlo AbbàMonza

• Alberto SaccoTorino

• Vincenzo PellegriniAtessa

• Tommaso RotellaModena

• Tommaso PiazzaVarese

• Lucia BursiHonorary President

• Danilo MorieroSecretary General of the CdM

• Mario BattelloAssociazione Tecla

• Giuseppe PozzanaProvince of Pisa

• Luca GozzoliProvince of Modena

Administrative Office:
mail: progettomotori@anci.it - cittamotori@anci.it
Telephone number: 06 6800 9204


Info point

Active since the 1st of April 2017, this is a service entirely dedicated to the information management and the promotion of the Progetto Rete nazionale Città dei Motori, through a specific tourist information office based in Maranello, within the Ferrari Museum, Via Dino Ferrari 43. This is an important strategic location, which sees an annual flow of hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world who statistically use the Tourist Information Office (IAT) in a massive and daily manner. The partners can therefore consider it as the main tool for the promotion of everything connected to the motoring world in relation to their territory. Shortly all the administrations involved will be contacted for a first clarification and to obtain any materials considered in line with the project.

The info point will have as main tasks:

• providing tourists and visitors of the Ferrari Museum and the Maranello Territorial District with the information from all the partners, through direct contact with the IAT desk

• providing information via telephone contact and through the main communication channels

• managing all tourism promotion materials linked to the world of engines acquired by the network of partners

• searching for news and information/promotional materials through direct contact with the local situation of each individual partner

The purpose of the Info Point:

Every day from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm you can contact the call center operator to communicate: events (those ones exclusively related to the world of motors), information (primarily related to the access to specific services: opening and closing times of museums, basic services, etc.) curiosity and problems.

How to contact the Info Point:

IAT Terra di Motori - Info Point Rete Nazionale Città dei Motori

Via Dino Ferrari 43, c/o Museo Ferrari, 41053 Maranello (MO)

Telephone: +39 0536 073036 email: iat.motori@gmail.com

Help desk manager: Dott. Andrea Ferrarini

Manager of the IAT Terra dei Motori: : Dott. Marco Silvestri


Press Review

During the last few weeks, all the institutions of the Network have been receiving by email - 7 days a week - a timely press review curated by Volo.com Srl with include: the front pages of major national newspapers; a careful selection of articles about the most important events in the field of tourism and motorsports related to the Municipalities and project partners; the articles of greatest interest in sustainable mobility, road safety, companies and brands in the automotive sector; the initiatives of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, as well as those of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and all Italian and foreign institutions on our field of interest, including European, national and regional news and announcements.


The Newsletter

A periodical e-mail bulletin has been activated and it will allow all network members and stakeholders to be up to date on news, initiatives and call-to-actions of the project. Starting from the next issue, it will also offer a review of the articles published on the official website www.cittamotori.it and those ones spread on our social profiles or posted on other websites and magazines related to the sector of automotive, classic car collecting, tourism and, in general, to all those topics related to the activities, aims and territories of the Network. The task of the newsletter will also be to target new users and build loyalty through email marketing strategies.


Motor Web Museum

This will be the showcase, through a technologically advanced and innovative platform, which aims to increase the online visibility of the Municipalities and other leading bodies of the design network, as well as their valorization in the motoring field, consequently leading to the increase of tourism. Intersezione srl has been chosen, through a public selection process, as the enterprise which will implement this specific action. Intersezione srl is now contacting all the interested bodies to define and agree on the materials to be published. For any questions or requests for clarification, contact the editorial office of the Motor Web Museum - telephone: 059 332075 email: redazione@intersezione.com