PAGLIETA has very ancient origins. The town was already inhabited in the Pre-Roman era and was first mentioned officially at the end of the twelfth century. In 1200, it was girted with mighty walls of which only part remains today. From 1312 to 1533, it belonged for more than two centuries to the town of Lanciano, also sharing its alternating fortunes. The ancient presence of man in the area is documented by ruins of the Italic era, traces of a Roman bridge, remnants of medieval architecture and traces of drovers’ routes at Cansano – Colle Limite.
The ecclesiastical heritage of the town comprises the Church of S. Canziano (twelfth century) renovated in the thirteen century, the Church of S. Rocco, built in the sixteenth century and restructured at the end of nineteenth century, the Church of S. Maria Assunta in Cielo (sixteenth century) in the old city centre. Paglieta participated actively in the uprisings that led to the Unification of Italy. In the eye of the storm in the Second World War, it was heavily damaged with numerous victims during the battle of the Sangro.


Due to political decisions and the economic development policies of national and regional Governments in the 1960’s and 1970’s, the industrial zone of Val di Sangro is located, on the map, for 40 % in the municipal area of Paglieta. The Sevel Val di Sangro plant, which was opened in 1981 and produces Fiat, Citroën e Peugeot LCVs, is located between Paglieta and Atessa and covers an area of more than 1,200,000 sq. m. The factory, considered a major driver for the economy of Abruzzo, is equipped to carry out all the steps of the entire production cycle from bodyshop to painting and assembly and employs around 5,200 persons, mainly from Abruzzo. This facility is the largest LCV plant in Europe.


Mayor: Ernesto Graziani
Official website:
Town Hall: Via Martelli Di Matteo, 10 – Postal code 66020
Population: 4.541
Phone: 0872 80821/485131
Surface area: Km2 34,1


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