OSPEDALETTI nestles in a natural amphitheatre between Caponero and Capo Sant’Ampelio, at just six km from the centre of San Remo. Luxuriant sub-tropical vegetation and moderate, elegant urbanisation have made Ospedaletti one of the most attractive residential-tourist resorts of the Riviera dei Fiori. The town was founded in fourteenth century by the Provencal noble Fulcone de Villaret, Grand Master of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem whose ship, caught in a terrible storm in the Ligurian Gulf, floundered here. The noble and his crew swam to safety, landing on the beach of the Giunchetto. In gratitude to St. John, Fulcone and his companions decided to build a chapel and hospice for pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land, from which Ospedaletti takes its name. The village became part of San Remo in 1956. During the economic boom, it also became the favourite holiday resort of Fiat medium-high employees, resulting in the construction in a dominating position along the Via Aurelia of the auto-maker’s summer holiday camp where more privileged employees spent their holidays.


The Ospedaletti-San Remo circuit opened in the spring of 1947. The first edition of the San Remo Gran Prix was held in 1937 on the street circuit of San Remo. In 1947, the end of the war fired new enthusiasm and the second edition of the San Remo GP was held on a specific circuit constructed at Ospedaletti with a long straight section joined at the ends by an excellent ring-road. The street circuit of Ospedaletti made its debut as a speed race in 1947 and, from the following year, was included in the International Gran Prix Calendar. Formula One racing, which attracted the greatest drivers of the period including Nuvolari, Fangio, Ascari, Bira and Villoresi, was abandoned in 1951 because of safety problems, due partly to the serious accident of Johnny Claes and partly to the power of new engines, unable to express all their potential on such a compressed route. Motorbike racing continued until 1972 when, the following year, organization of the Grand Trophy of Ospedaletti was definitely abandoned due to problems of safety following the tragic deaths of Pasolini and Saarinen at Monza. Each year, for some seasons, the circuit hosted a historical event, the Ospedaletti-San Remo International Motorbike Trophy.


Mayor: Daniele Cimiotti
Official website: www.comune.ospedaletti.im.it
Town Hall: Via XX settembre, 34 – Postal code 18014
Population: 3.647
Phone: 0184 68221
Surface area: Km2 5,15



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