NOALE (newly used land) was founded shortly after the year 1000 and soon became an important military outpost of Treviso, protecting and exerting political control of a vast area close to Padua. Noale’s historical and political importance in the Middle Ages was inextricably linked with the Tempesta family who, from the start of the twelfth century, raised the town to a rural fief. Noale belonged to Treviso until 1339 when, at the end of the conflict between Venice and Verona, it became part of the Venetian State together with the entire area of Treviso. In 1360, the Republic of San Marco set up a port authority at Noale. However, following a short period of occupation by the Carraresi of Padua (1381-1388) and extinction of the direct branch of the Tempesta Family, the Republic of Venice raised the town to the status of “Podesteria “(seat of the chief magistrate) until 1797. After the Napoleonic wars, Noale became a “Municipality”, suffering considerable harassment by Napoleonic troops. When the territories of the Venetian Republic were transferred to Austria, Noale became the administrative centre of the district but was downgraded at administrative level during the Wars of Independence insofar as the birthplace of Pier Fortunato Calvi who, in 1848, commanded the “Alpine Hunters” active in the Cadore area. The town, annexed to the the Kingdom of Italy in 1866, subsequently belonged to and linked its fortunes with the Provinces of Vicenza, Padua and, finally, Venice.

Noale is at the centre of an ideal triangle with Treviso, Padua and Mestre at its tips. Flourishing manufacturing and commercial activities have contributed to preserving memories and traces of its past: the citadel, ramparts, waterway, towers and loggia, typical buildings and squares where a bric-à-brac market is held every second Sunday of the month. 
In April, the town celebrates Noale in Fiore (Noale in flower), an extraordinarily beautiful showcase of the horticulture and gardening sector of the Veneto area that attracts around 200 specialised exhibitors. The town is also famed for the great historical reconstruction of the medieval Palio delle Contrade during the Pentecost festivities, with the participation of all the Contrada of the town and also a medieval market. Other important moments of the historical commemoration include the parade, the Palio race, the Baia d’oro ceremony and burning of the Tower. Traditionally, the winner of the race receives a prize made by a Noalese artist while the face of whoever comes last is blackened with coal.

Aprilia has been part of the Group since late 2004, whose strategic objective is to strengthen the company’s position as motorcycle and scooter market leader, and as Europe’s only ‘full line’ manufacturer of two wheelers from 50 to 1000 cc, also reinforcing the identity of the brand.

The link between Aprilia and the local area dates back to the period immediately after the Second World War when Alberto Beggio opened his bicycle factory in Noale. Aprilia then entered the motorcycle market and introduced its first ‘bike’, a gold and blue fifty cc model.

The first real off-road racing bike was created in 1974 and, in 1975, Aprilia presented its first bike designed to win races. It scored its first successes in the 1977 Italian championships in the 125 and 250 classes. In 1978, Alborghetti finished the season with two race third places and in sixth overall place in the motocross world championship – the best result ever achieved by an Italian rider. Although the early eighties was a period of crisis, in 1985 Aprilia entered MotoGP and Aprilia Racing proved to be a nursery of many great talents. In the nineties, Aprilia made a decisive entry into the urban mobility market.
Today, membership of the Piaggio Group has given Aprilia the confidence to forge ahead with developments in the middleweight and big bike sectors. The arrival of the RSV4 confirms Aprilia’s determination to compete at the highest levels. In 2009, Aprilia launched the super-sports bike RSV4, the new bike ratifying Aprilia’s return to the Superbike World Championships. The RSV4 confirms the Aprilia strategy aimed at a presence in top level motorbike racing thanks to the Noale Race Division.
During 2009, Aprilia scored a great success in off-road rallies and – above all – made its debut in the Paris- Dakar winning an extraordinary absolute third place and dominating the 450 class.



Mayor: Patrizia Andreotti
Official website:
Town Hall: Piazza Castello, 18 – Postal code 30033
Population: 15.761
Phone: 0415 897211
Surface area: Km2 24,58




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