The Città dei Motori (Motor City) APP is a tourism tool designed to enhance the visitor experience and make full use of the area’s attractions and resources.

The app will enable tourists and motor enthusiasts alike to discover the opportunities and amenities offered locally: hospitality services, info points, places to visit, motoring and more general tourist events.

Mobile technology and geo-localization will help the user to fully appreciate the area and the ‘Portami qui’ (Take Me Here) and ‘Trova nelle vicinanze’ (Find Nearby) features act as optimum guides; options to explore tourism experiences across the network without necessarily being on the spot are also available by means of videos and fact sheets.

Furthermore, the Città dei Motori app will be equipped with a module that enables use of multimedia content, in line with Augmented Reality criteria, a system that permits the user to act in real-time on the stream of images recovered from their smartphone camera, ‘augmenting’ reality by adding interactive and multimedia



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